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Business ideas are great. They spark adrenaline and excitement, and we can’t wait to get started. But where do you begin?

Or if you have already started, you are stuck...how do you know you have the right idea? And is what you offer solving a real problem?

I help you answer these burning questions in the Start to Generate and Clarify Your Idea course.

Josh is an entrepreneur! 

Like Josh, you spent thousands buying course after course to help you make your idea real. And you continue to spend time sifting through the information, hopefully, to find that one thing that is tailor-made to help build a successful business.

Even after long hours of hard work, you find yourself stuck. That is between what gurus are telling you to do and seeing results. Leaving you uncertain whether you have the RIGHT IDEA with the RIGHT OFFER customers want.

What you are confident about is that you know YOUR idea matters. And that YOU can’t quit.

That is where I come in!

Merge Your Vision With Mine 

I have been at the foot of that valley of frustration. How to climb that mountain is what I teach.

A one-size-fits-all approach is not going to do it.

You need to OWN your idea. I WANT to help tailor-make your idea. I’m passionate about helping you earn money from what you love doing.

I’m Avril, Your Idea Strategist

I’m passionate about helping you have an idea that is monetisable so you can earn money from what you love doing.

My vision is to empower start-up entrepreneurs. YOUR VISION is to learn how to establish and run a successful business.

In this course, I help you clarify your reasons, intentions and motivations for becoming an entrepreneur and analyse the problem and solution of your idea.


 How To Think About Ideas

Can you imagine investing all your resources in a misguided solution not backed by customers who are willing to part with their money?

Ideal Customer

Basically, your business idea must solve a problem for a specific group of people, your target market. Understanding your ideal customers will help define them and make finding them easier.

Real Problem

Once you define your ideal customer, knowing the real problem is critical. Many start-ups first jump to a solution or focus on the symptom of the problem and not the real issue, resulting in a misguided solution.

Right Solution

To find the best solution, you must align passion, purpose, and the problem with a marketable product customer want. When deciding on the best solution, think about your unique selling point.

If you are serious about having a monetisable idea, my SGCI course will show you exactly what to do to clarify your business idea before implementing it.

Let’s Get Down and Dirty and Learn

We get down and dirty and answer some tough questions.

Questions You Must Ask Before Implementing Your Idea

  • What do you really want to do?

  • Who are your customers, and where to find them?

  • What are their pain points, their problems, and how will you solve them?

  • How will your solution benefit your customers and you?

  • What is your golden opportunity and, most importantly, what's in your hand you can monetise?

  • Through a four-step process, you will hone the answers to these questions. The tools, techniques, and templates I share earned me money, and I keep living my passion.

    You will be clear and intentional about what you want your business to be. BUT you will need to commit and be willing to put in the time.

    I want you to be confident about your business concept and fast track its implementation. 


    What You’ll Learn

    Before investing time and money to test and monetise your idea, you need to be clear about your ideal customers, which problems they have and the best ways of solving them.

    Idea generation process

    Essential elements of a clarified idea

    Marketing principles

    Proven tools and techniques


    Explore, discover and align your passion

    Defining a problem statement

    Crafting a well-thought-through idea

    I will help you through a step by step process generate a new or clarify an existing idea using the tools, techniques and templates that earned me money to keep on living my passion.

    What You'll Get

    Invest money and time in owning an idea that is PROVEN and PROFITABLE.

    Great content filled with 39 bite-size videos, 23 worksheets and activities, and 19 resources. *Plus* Access to a wide selection of Clever Tools and Smart Strategies to monetise ideas. 

    That’s not ALL...

    SGCI Course


    You get all these EXTRA BONUSES when you buy the Start to Generate and Clarify Your Idea Course.

  • Entire Business Concept Review Package. 

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  • Video-based Online Course, “How to Develop A Positive Brand for Business Success.”

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  • Video-based Online Course, “How To Set Up 6 Figure Online Business.”

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  • Video-based Online Course + Cheat Sheet, “Modern Niche Marketing.”

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  • e-Book, “7 Keys To Building A Powerful Personal Brand.”

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    Our Promise...


    Here’s the deal. With our 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, there are actually ZERO risks for you when you purchase.

    If the Start to Generate and Clarify Your Idea course is not getting you the results you need, and you’re not completely satisfied with it, I will refund every penny within 30 days of purchase.

    No Questions Asked!

    At the same time, I am SOOO confident in this course getting you the results you need. It took months to produce, so I am willing to back my words up with my money. Yes, we will return every single penny.

    You're In 100% NO RISK!


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