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Biz Concept Review

Are you tired of wasting time and money on ideas that don't work?

Ensure the reliability of your small business concept by having another pair of eyes on your idea and receiving quality and insightful input.

Don't wait!

Download your FREE Review Template today and confidently take your idea to the next level.

Review Template

Why A Review?

A review of your idea shows that you are intentional about delivering on your promises successfully to those willing to pay for your offer. And it also demonstrates that you want to remove bottlenecks, get unstuck on ineffective strategies and adopt action plans to help you better serve your customers.                                                                      With our honest and constructive feedback, you can take a random floating idea from your head onto paper and turn it into a profitable concrete concept.

Your Next STEP to Your Next LEVEL

You are not alone in feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the challenges of turning your idea into a profitable online business.

I have been there too, and I know how hard it can be to adapt to the changing market and customer needs, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

That's why I want to share a powerful tool - Business Concept Review Template - that helped me transform my coaching business and reach new heights of success. It will help you clarify your idea, align your offers and strategies, and confidently make money from your online business. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to get unstuck. It's time to move forward. Download the FREE Template now!

Review Template

Our Offers

Choose from our three expertly crafted solution packages to turn your ideas into profitable realities. Perfect for brainstorming new concepts, clariying or implementing existing ones. See how we can help you achieve your business goals today.

    Lite Offer

    3-Page Biz Concept Lite Review 

    PLUS Written Feedback AND 7 Valuable Bonuses


    Advanced Offer

    7-Page Biz Concept Advanced Review 

    PLUS 2 x 60min 1-1 Online Feedback + 1 Follow-up Support Sessions AND 10 Useful Bonuses. 


    Enterprise Offer

    12-Page Biz Concept Comprehensive Review 

    PLUS 4 x 60min 1-1 Online Feedback & 2 Follow-up Support Sessions AND 12 Fantastic Bonuses.


Frequently Ask Questions

PS – I've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about the guide that will show you how to plan for success!

What is our Idea Review?

We offer an online consultancy service to help you improve your ideas or develop new ones. Our process involves receiving honest and constructive feedback, practical guidance, and 1-1 support from an expert.

Who is this for?

Need help to turn your business idea into a profitable venture? I offer expert advice, feedback, and support to help aspiring entrepreneurs develop a clear and compelling concept. Let me assist you in overcoming bottlenecks and adopting successful strategies to better serve your customers.

How do I get a review?

To receive a free review of your business concept, please complete the following steps: First, choose the suitable package you need. Next, check your inbox for links to the Template and bonuses. Then after filling out the Template, send an email completion confirmation and share a link to your doc - {first and last name - Biz Concept Review}. Finally, check your inbox for feedback within seven business days.

Do I get a guide?

Yes, you will get a guide to help you through each step so that you confidently answer all the questions and provide as much detail as possible.

How is this guide delivered?

You will receive immediate access to the Template and Guide, including download links and all other bonuses. No need to wait; you can start right away.

Is there a guarantee?

Our solution packages are designed to help you generate new ideas, refine or launch existing ones, and ultimately make money from them. With 100% confidence, our services can help you achieve your dream.

If you completed the Template and have yet to get feedback within 7 business days after uploading, contact me within 7 days and get the no-questions-asked money-back Guarantee. All you have to do is to email Avril at [email protected] with these magic words: I'll Have To Say Bye! And we'll refund you the money immediately.

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