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Meet the Entrepreneur Who Overcame All Odds

About Me

I know what it takes to overcome challenges and obstacles because I have faced many of them myself. I was not born into privilege or wealth, but I always had a vision and a drive to create something better for myself and others.

I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness, and I want to help you unlock yours. I want to share my story and my insights with you and inspire you to pursue your own aspirations.

What I Do

I can help you refine your idea, find your niche, establish your brand, promote your product, expand your business, or manage your finances. My knowledge and skills can guide you towards success. My goal is to help you achieve your objectives and make a positive impact.

Biz Coach


As a business coach, my goal is to connect with people on a deeper level and inspire them to be their best selves.

I believe that everyone has a unique purpose and set of skills, talents, and experiences that can be aligned to achieve their big dreams. By connecting with people’s hearts, minds, and souls, I help them bring their visions to life and encourage them to discover their true potential.

Bring your vision to life and unlock your potential with a free 1-hour session.

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Biz Idea Strategist


I help people in bringing their ideas to life by providing constructive feedback.

By offering a fresh perspective, I help refine their concepts and steer them towards profitable results. This approach empowers individuals to be deliberate about their ideas, identify gaps, seize opportunities, and see the bigger picture, enabling them to pursue what is possible.

If you want to turn your idea into a growing source of income, start using our free Review Template.

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Biz Trainer


I educate and empower individuals to monetise their passions.

Finding the right solutions to real problems requires exploring various approaches to get results. My mission is to ensure that people become wise and equipped. To achieve this, I follow a learn-by-doing methodology involving online courses to gain the proper knowledge, skills, and tools to monetise their passion.

Continuous learning through bite-sized content and hands-on experience is key to self-empowerment. Check out our courses.

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Our Blog Posts

Let's keep in touch through my blog posts! They're the perfect way for us to stay connected and share our thoughts.

Is Passion Enough to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Being a successful entrepreneur requires combining passion with logical thinking, answering fundamental questions about your journey, goals, and challenges, and having a solid business concept.

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How Coaching Can Help You Become the Best You

Eden Michelle's business coach, Avril Fortuin, helped her overcome challenges and achieve her goals. You, too, can gain confidence to pursue your dreams. Start with Avril's 1-hour free consultation.

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