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    Alex is a leading player in the technology and software solutions industry, renowned for its cutting-edge products and services.

    Despite having a culture of innovation, they faced a significant challenge in turning their customer experience ideas into improved feedback implementation.

    In his pursuit of optimising the concept-to-impact journey, Alex sought external expertise to identify areas of improvement to achieve a more agile and effective customer centric approach.


    Avril Fortuin Training Services started by conducting an in-depth analysis of Alex's existing innovation processes, capabilities to deliver and customer user experience. 

    The key objectives were to identify pain points, bottlenecks, and areas of potential improvement.


    With the guidance of Avril Fortuin Training Services, Alex successfully enhanced customer satisfaction with a focus on customer-centricity, Alex's products now better addressed customer needs, leading to a 15% increase in customer satisfaction.


    The partnership between Alex and Avril Fortuin Training Services showcased how a large enterprise could overcome innovation challenges and evolve its concept-to-impact journey by adopting a strategic approach and prioritising customer-centricity.

    The success of this case study serves as an inspiration for other enterprises seeking to optimise their innovation practices and drive meaningful impact in their industries.

    Hello, it's Avril Here

    I understand that the key to achieving business success at the enterprise level is effectively delivering on promises. 

    With your remarkable business ideas we know that obstacles may arise during implementation that could impact your sales and reputation.

    Allow us to be your trusted partner threw a thorough review of concepts and execution methods to streamline your concept-to-impact process. 

    Take a confident stride towards reaching new heights of success.

    We are eager to collaborate with you and contribute to your continued growth and prosperity. 


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