We help entrepreneurs explore their purpose and passion and get relevant skills to grow start-ups, side hustles and established businesses to become sustainable through mobile learning and virtual support.

Avril is the business trainer you have been waiting for!

I am Avril Fortuin, a trainer, motivator and social entrepreneur. I can help you to learn the skills you need to be competitive in the business world. I don’t just want to talk with you. I want you to take action. I want us to see results from our joint efforts.

I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, where I obtained a degree in Economics and a Higher Diploma in Education. I later studied in the USA to earn an MBA and a Science degree. I am the founder of two successful companies.The reason I started this business is to help people find a way out of their problems by using their entrepreneurial skills.
I provide affordable online training so that you can learn the skills and get the confidence you need to earn a living and to move ahead with your dreams.



MBA International Business & Entrepreneurship

BA Science / BA Economics

Higher Diploma in Education

Diploma in Strategic Business Management


Developing online learning content and instructional design

Strategic support in business growth and scaling


Travel and networking accompanied by good food and wine.

Access our online courses designed for start-ups on your mobile device learning at your own pace and time.

Start to Generate and Clarify Your Idea - Silver
Sale Price: 2,200
Business Skills Courses: 3
Virtual Coaching: 15 min
Start to Generate and Clarify Your Idea - Gold
Sale Price: 2,500
Business Skills Courses: 5
Virtual Coaching: 30 min
Start to Generate and Clarify Your Idea - Platinum
Sale Price: 3,000
Business Skills Courses: 9
Virtual Coaching: 1 hour
Students taught
Train the trainers
Females Enrolled
Courses Developed

Is Passion Enough for your Business Success?

Does knowing what you care about help you through your entrepreneurial journey? I think passion is an over-used word. Passion is associated with the fairy-tale stories of other people’s glamorous lives and their successful businesses. People attribute their success to their deep sense of passion and they make it all seem like a carefree adventure. […]

Five Ways Entrepreneurs Build Soft Skills

Unlike your IQ which is largely unchanged throughout your life, EQ or Emotional Intelligence can be learned and improved through experience.  I believe the top 5 soft skills every entrepreneur needs to succeed in business are: Leadership; Integrity; Communication and Networking; Emotional Intelligence; and Teamwork. Read more here.  We can build and improve these soft […]

Top Five Soft Skills for Entrepreneurs

I don’t believe we can succeed in our business dreams without considering both hard and soft skills. I believe these 5 soft skills are essential to putting your big, bold business idea into action. They are also the top soft skills you should look for in anyone you hire to join your business team. What […]

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