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Are You Still Wasting Money On Your Brilliant Idea?

Get A Comprehensive Review of Your Business Concept By Our Experts

  • Review My Concept

    Get a free once-off review with feedback on your business idea with a specific focus on the sales and marketing process when you upgrade to Groove Platinum.

    Growth. Adapt. Flexible

    We created an opportunity for you to review your business concept.

    A review of your business concept is an online service that will get you constructive feedback and guidance on your business concept elements.  

    Our online service is geared towards helping entrepreneurs have a concrete, validated and monetisable business idea.  

    Why do you need this service?

    Like most entrepreneurs, you want to have certainty and peace of mind that the product/ service will sell before spending energy and money. It is, therefore, worth investing time upfront to make sure your idea is monetisable and that it is worth pursuing.

    The only thing you need is a little help to move you further along your journey. It will prove worthwhile to have another set of eyes.

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    How It Works

    3 Simple Steps...

    ━ Upgrade

    Click here to upgrade to Groove Lifetime Platinum.

    ━ Check Inbox

    Check your inbox and get the link to the Business Concept Review Template.

    ━ Fill out Template

    Complete the template and provide me with a link to my inbox to give feedback.

    Adapt and Pivot!

    The world has radically changed, and the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns have accelerated online strategies necessary for businesses to keep going. I also had to transform my face-to-face and blended learning to entirely online, which meant I had to get busy reviewing the strategies and components that make up my business idea.

    I became aware that modern, digital customers are well-informed, and you need to know what is essential to them. Customers research the products and services on the internet before they think of parting with their money. That meant I had to get busy growing my email list for my signature product and recent affiliate marketing.

    We all need feedback on our service or product to determine its relevance. This review will help you zero in on what you need most to make your sales and marketing stand out.

    Upgrade to Groove Platinum and get your complimentary coaching session.


    Who am I?

    Who is offering your this great free gift? I’m Avril, an Idea Generation Specialist who is passionate about start-up entrepreneurs monetise their business ideas.

    I help start-up entrepreneurs and businesses earn money from their ideas and become profitable while impacting their communities.

    I also, through training, empower business owners to own AND use your brilliant idea to serve more people they care about and make their lives better.

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