Business Concept Review

All you need to do is show up and complete the Business Concept  Review Template


The Business Concept Review is an online service to have a validated business idea ready for you to implement.

You have a business concept but not confident if it is worth pursuing or stuck on how to make it real and earn money from it, then this is for you. I want to review and provide quality feedback before wasting time and money.

Start the review process in 3 steps!


  1. Book the discovery call and download the business concept template.
  2. You will return the completed template by uploading it in your private files on the dashboard.
  3. Download the final written report and audio file.


  • Not confident about your business concept.
  • Wasted time and money implanting an idea that did not work.
  • Going back and forth on which business idea will work.
  • Failed to secure investment or bank loan.


We are going to

  • Help you organise your thoughts around your business concept so that you confidently defend your idea.
  • Direct you to tools to implement your business concept in a structured and systematic way.
  • Provide constructive feedback on your business concept to help you accelerate the implementation of your idea.
  • Guide you on how to incorporate elements of your business concept into your business plan to make it investment-ready.

Our service includes

A discovery call for 30 mins, where you can explain your business concept to me.

A review of your business concept based on the information you have provided.

An online final report with tailored feedback (in bullet points) on your business concept.

An audio file where I explain my written report with more detailed feedback.








Now if you are starting and have no business concept, I have a solution (link to course) to help you fast track creating your business idea to include in your business concept. You can also add coaching (link to coaching) call (extra cost).