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How To Leverage Technology To Implement Marketing Strategies

Learn how to use the internet for steady growth!

200+ Students

Last Updated: 1/31/2022

This Internet Marketing course includes:

  • 2 Hours of Video Lessons

  • 15 Worksheets

  • 10 Downloadable Items

  • Certificate of Completion

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    What You Will Learn

  • Understand your target audience.

  • Conduct a SWOT analysis and do marketing research.

  • Understand and define your brand + brand message.

  • Select suitable social media platforms.

  • Create quality content.

  • Use SEO to find and capture leads.

  • Create a website and a landing page.

  • Create an effective internet marketing campaign.

  • Course Created by

    Avril Fortuin

    I have over 20 years of experience in Entrepreneurship and have trained more than2500 students to monetise their business idea successfully.

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    Course Details 


    Although the internet affords you to reach a broad audience, you still have to put in the work. 

    Growing your customer base and email list requires a basic understanding of internet marketing every entrepreneur should have. 

    This way, you will wear your marketer’s hat confidently and position the business for steady growth. 

    Join us and embrace growth using the modern technology available.


    • Anyone with a basic understanding of business.

    • Should have a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or a mobile device.

    • Should have access to internet via WiFi or Mobile data.

    • Should allow access to the computer to download files.


      This is exactly what will be covered in this course.

    • Module 1:Getting Start

    • Whether you are an entrepreneur or employed in a company or both, you should wear a marketer’s hat to grow your online business. Why? The internet has forever changed the way people shop and conduct business. 

      Understanding, implementing and changing, if necessary, your marketing strategy will see 

      If you want to grow your customer base and email list, you must adapt your marketing strategy and keep paste with modern technology. Let’s get started here.

    • Module 2: SWOT Analysis in Marketing

    • Successful marketing campaigns hinges not only on knowing your customer but also on knowing your organisation. The SWOT Analysis tool will help you collect information, guide the marketing campaign, and increase effectiveness. Get to know your organisation using this tool.

    • Module 3: Conducting Marketing Research

    • Marketing research is a crucial activity to brand products or services. You want to master the skill of gathering information, and you can use it to determine the right - price point, the product development required, and your ideal target audience. Learn how to market your products successfully.

    • Module 4: Engage in Real-Time Marketing

    • Real-time marketing remains an excellent way to engage with customers “at the moment” when you are running ads. This way, you can tailor programs, ads, and content to satisfy ideal consumers and improve sales. Get practice on how to do it well.

    • Module 5: Brand Management

    • Successfully managing your brand is key to building a solid online presence. Branding requires you to be intentional and consistent at every stage of customer interaction to deliver on your promises and earn their trust. In this module, you’ll learn it takes more than marketing to maintain a brand. 

    • Module 6: Social Media (Part I)

    • To be successful in internet marketing, mastering social media is imperative to getting the word out. A focused approach is needed to implement your social media marketing strategy to build a community around your company brand. Learn here how to do it.