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Avril Is The Coach You Have Been Waiting For!

Avril is a successful business coach and is well-known for her results-driven approach to helping entrepreneurs monetise their ideas, create wealth and have an impact.


Growing From Inside And Out

I did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. But, I wanted more in life and so should you. Entrepreneurship starts with you! That is growing from inside and out.

I understand the difficulties women face to start a business. I had to finance my online business from scratch. Learn new skills and overcome the fear of using technology.

Through word-of-mouth, my business grew and what I learned is what I teach.

But this didn’t just happen.

It starts with you the entrepreneur to grow a successful online business.

  • I had a goal and a purpose and I stayed focused. You can, too.

  • I had to believe in myself, and so must you.

  • I honed the skills and kept on learning.

  • I needed to free myself, both inside and out, and not only find a way out but find a way up, to be a successful person in my own right.

    I want to help you learn the skills you need to be competitive in the business world. BUT first start with you, the entrepreneur.


    Commit To Grow Your Business

    Ongoing learning sets you free. 

    The road to freedom is to invest in yourself. You invest in yourself via education and taking courses and realise, you never stop learning.

    I believe that education is a gateway out of poverty. That was true in my situation, living in apartheid South Africa and dealing with overcoming oppressive slurs.

    Ongoing learning sets you free. That was one of my great hero's secrets.

    I never lose, I either win or learn.

    - Nelson Mandela

    I kept a record of all the lessons learned and experiences and included them in a coaching package so that I can help entrepreneurs on their journey to fulfil their dreams.

    The Benefits Of Coaching

    We believe that YOU are important to your business, so keeping you at the centre, balanced and focused, is our priority.

    Tendani W.

    Read This Amazing Testimony

    Avril is an amazing coach. Her approach to coaching promotes growth on a greater scale. She is very present, helps one identify their areas of growth, shares the resources she knows about and supports you along the way.

    Her focus is entrepreneurship but she has a way of touching other areas of one's life that leaves them growing holistically.

    She has influenced me to step into platforms I never dreamed of and never thought I qualified for, so to fulfil my dreams.

    - Tendani Maumela, Coding Specialist

    Join thousands of people on a mission to maximize their potential and fulfil their dreams.

    Those who talk with me aren't just satisfied, they have real-life and business results.

    Here's The List Of The Reasons Why You Need Coaching:

    Our business coaching is an integral part of the online courses offerings, boot camp training and concept reviews.

  • With specific performance outcomes and practical action plans, you can fast-track achieving your goals.

  • Trust, openness, and honesty are important to us that is why our individualised sessions are designed to suit entrepreneurs' business needs.

  • Take ownership of your journey to success and unlock your dreams with a focus on personal and professional and business growth.

  • ...and this is just to name a few!

    What You'll Get

    Coaching that is...

    Inside and Out

    The wholistic approach starts with you the entrepreneur and keeps you at the center throughout the journey

    Because we believe that YOU are important to your business, individualised and custom made coaching will keep you at the centre, balanced and focused.


    Specific performance and goal-oriented coaching to keep you focused on outcomes.

    You can use what is in your hand to earn your own money and move ahead with your dreams.                                                                                              


    I don’t just want to talk with you. I want you to take action. I want us to see results from our joint efforts.

    With practical action plans, you can fast-track achieving your goals. You will have an action plan for points you raised and the confidence to implement the next steps.

    Let’s talk about you taking your business to the next level.


     Useful Resources

    Tap into our resources that support our coaching that is designed to suit entrepreneurs' business needs.


    The Personal Branding Blueprint, A Step by Step Guide to Building Your Personal Brand

    Use this step by step guide to clarify your brand concept, create meaningful content that will impact your audience.

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    3 Nuggets To Create A Brand Story

    3 IRRESISTIBLE NUGGETS You Need To Create Your Brand Story

    Download my free Workbook in PDF, where I reveal my secrets of success on how to get your brand on!

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    “I am so pleased with this product. The best on the net! I will let my mum know about this, she could really make use of coaching! Coaching impressed me on multiple levels” 

    Lance Botha, South Africa

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