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hey there, 

I'm Avril Fortuin

What I learnt and I will teach you is that if you really want something, you can have it. Let's get real!

I believe that a positive mindset can be your #1 tactic to get the breakthrough you need to make your business dream a reality.

I am here to help you harness your passions, skills, experience, knowledge and insights, resources and networks to identify and take advantage of opportunities at the right time and in the right way.

Don’t think other people are better than you, or you can’t achieve what others can or you are not capable of learning.

I want YOU to succeed! I want YOU to make money, I want you to have a sustainable business and for you to find its meaning and purpose.


get out of your comfort zone

To Freedom to Create Wealth

I have a heart for people and a mission to them become successful entrepreneurs.


I have a heart for people and a mission for start-ups to become successful entrepreneurs. Tackling my results-driven small business entrepreneurial training and support services will get you the results you need to grow your WEALTH.

The growth and the journey never ends. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, I had to pivot my training and coaching business to be an online one. That took hours of pain, learning new technology and re-designing my offer. It was a steep learning curve.

It was hard; I wanted to give up. I persevered to continue to offer aspiring entrepreneurs educational courses to make dreams come true and make an impact. Obstacles and setbacks are just part of the journey. There are no excuses for giving up.

I want to help you achieve what I have; to write your next chapter and re-invent yourself. Changing your life is a CHOICE YOU MAKE.

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The growth and the journey never ends. There are always more chapters to write. You can write your next chapter.

Access motivational and entrepreneurial content that is designed for you. Yes, the spicy articles are all FREE.

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Online Business Courses

Tackling my results-driven small business entrepreneurial training and support services will get you the results you need to grow your wealth. Many start-ups have taken my online courses to set up and manage their businesses, from concept to clarifying, testing, and monetising.

You can master everything from basic business skills to marketing your idea confidently. This for far less than it would cost to go to business school. Let's take your brilliant idea to profit, scalability, and impact.


Let’s Talk Coaching

Our "Let's Talk" coaching supports you in staying motivated, accountable, and on track to fulfil your dreams. With our online coaching specifically designed for entrepreneurs, you can take ownership of your journey to business success.

We believe YOU are important to your business, so our priority is keeping you at the centre, balanced and focused. AND along with specific performance outcomes and practical action plans, you can fast-track learning entrepreneur skills to become business savvy.


Business Concept Review

Take your next step with a comprehensive review and quality feedback on your small business idea to help you confidently monetise and scale what you love doing. You will benefit from a neutral, outsider's opinion and another pair of eyes. You will have peace of mind to adapt or pivot. 

I am an expert in my field, and I am recognised for who I am and what I do. It is important to me that I build trust. You can fill out your business information in the online template I provide and take YOUR next steps to YOUR next level!


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Our Why...

We Impact Others

We believe when you invest in yourself, you also invest in others.

By reaching out to us you are helping to empower women and youth to follow their dream, their African dream.


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Groove Affiliate 

I did not have a clear message about who I’m targeting, the real problem, and the offer, which all forms the critical branding message.

When I realised that I’m my business, my business is me; I needed a paradigm shift to monetise my idea successfully. Branding is the key to successful marketing and eventually making that first sale.

The Groove Software, an all-in-one solution, helped me go beyond my brand logo, colours, and images to get recognition and positioning. You can set the stage for how you want people to see you and your business. Get your branding on with


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