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Get your branding on.

We created an opportunity for you to engage with you, the brand.

I did not initially monetise my idea properly because I did not have a clear message. As African women, we do not easily push ourselves out, front and centre. But in business, this is what you have to do as you are your brand.

I developed 3 nuggets followed by essential questions to help you build your brand story.

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What you get.

We created easy to follow content under each topic.

Who are you?

Become an asset!

Clear message.

How it works.

Clear. Consistent. Thought-through.

Ongoing learning comes by applying what you put down on paper. You have an opportunity here to write your next chapter and re-invent yourself. Become the brand and asset of your business. We don’t want that to happen to you.

Work through each of the 3 questions and use the content to create your brand story. Remember branding…more than having a logo, colours and letterheads. You could deliver the best product or service globally, but you are not reaching your audience with your story. What defines a brand is the person, services or products behind it.

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Who I am?

I'm Avril, an Idea Generation Specialist for start-up entrepreneurs (like you!) who are looking to monetise their business ideas. I help start-up entrepreneurs and businesses earn money from their ideas and become profitable while impacting their communities.

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