Consulting Services

Blended Learning

We offer blended learning, where you use your mobile device and attend face-face training.

The blended learning uses web-based online training which is video-based. Activities, stories, case studies, and assignments support the learning content. Access to chat rooms and the Facebook group provides a rich experience of peer learning and accessing expert advice.  

The single on-demand business and entrepreneurial skills courses use mobiles, tablets, laptops, and computers from where you can access bite-size content online and offline and learn at your time and pace.

At the same time, the face-face facilitation provides learners with personal contact, immediate feedback, and hands-on interactive learning. Face-face training is still a valuable part of our business.

Our training is learner-centred with a strong focus on acquiring the relevant skills to do the job effectively, improve self and develop leadership skills. 

The learner is the driving force behind the learning. Learning process encourages discovery learning on your own as well as peer learning to ensure understanding and insight of the content material.

Individuals, learning institutions may contact us for the blended learning services.

Trainer of Trainers

We provide active learning through the train the trainer workshop. The train the trainer course is country-specific with materials customized to address particular needs.

Our goal is for trainers to get hands-on experience of the internet and the use of web-based tools which will be helpful and a value-added component in their personal and professional development.

Individuals and learning institutions may contact us for blended learning services.