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Get a comprehensive review and quick constructive feedback on YOUR brilliant idea. 

  • 3 Page Written Review + Audio Feedback

  • 30min Coaching Session

  • Free Access To Webinar, "3 Hacks To Successfully Monetise Ideas"

  • *PLUS valuable free resources

  • 7 BONUSES Value $725

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    You have a brilliant business concept but are not confident whether to pursue making a livelihood from it.

    OR you may already have an idea but don't know HOW to make it real, or you started but are stuck.

    BUT you have already invested a lot of time and money upfront and are yet to earn from your idea. This frustration and uncertainty often lead to entrepreneurs quitting before they give the concept the chance to succeed. 

    Yay, this is where I come in!

    The thing is, you may only need a bit of help. A little push to take it to the next level may be all YOU NEED. That is another pair of eyes to look at your idea critically.

    Either way, a review of your concept is always a good idea. You can benefit from a neutral, outsider's opinion, and the best way to achieve this is through my Business Concept Review.

    Use my entrepreneurship experience and expertise to make your idea concrete and fast track the implementation of your idea.

    Business Concept Review

    Here's The List Of The Reasons Why You Need This:

  • With a clarified business concept, you will grow in confidence with a clear message you need to brand and sell your product/ service/ program.

  • Before the opportunity to approach potential investors, you have taken time upfront to fact-check and clarify every essential element of an idea and know it is worth pursuing.

  • Once reviewed, you will have certainty that your idea is monetisable and have peace of mind to spend time, energy and money on your passion.  

  • ...and this is just to name a few!

    Get the Business Concept Review online service to help you have a clarified, validated and monetisable business idea.

    Yes! I Want This Review!

    What We Review

    We help you clarify each of the 10 essential elements your idea should have.

    • Define Your Ideal Customers

    • The Real Problem Identified

    • The Secret Solution Offered

    • Strategies and Processes Used

    • Target Market and Market Share

    • Leverage Resources

    • Ways of Generating Revenue

    • Business Scaling Capacity

    • Implementation Capability 

    • Measuring Tools & Frequency

    What's Included

    Concept Review + 7 Bonuses + Free Resources

  • 3-Page Concept Review + Audio Feedback

  • Written tailored feedback of the content outlined in the online template. Audio files in mp3 format explaining the written feedback in a bit more detail.

  • 30min Let's Talk Coaching 

  • A one-off 30min Let's Talk session that focuses on your next steps going to your next level taking into account the feedback and ten elements of your business concept.

  • Webinar, "3 Hacks To Successfully Monetise Ideas" 

  • Learn the 3 hacks I used to ensure my idea is monetisable so that you can earn from what you love doing.

    Bonus #1

    Business Concept Review Template

    Ten downloadable questions are outlined in the template to help you follow a structured and systematic process. 

    Bonus #2

    Idea Canvas

    The fillable canvas is a tool to help you organise your thoughts and clarify each of the four key idea pillars.

    Bonus #3

    Step by Step Practical Guide

    8 Chapters guide on How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan to help create strategy tailored to your audience.

    Bonus #4

    Cheat Sheet 

    Craft Your Idea Problem Statement


    Bonus #5

    Blog Pdf

    Does Knowing What You Care About Help You To Monetise Your Idea?

    Bonus #6


    Ten Essential Elements Checklist for Monetising Your Idea       

    Bonus #7


    Monetise Your Idea  


    Free resources

    Stay connected and get free resources. 

    You need a clarified idea that is worth pursuing, you own and believe it matters.

    Like most entrepreneurs, you want to have certainty and peace of mind that the product/ service will sell before spending energy and money. It is, therefore, worth investing time upfront in clarifying and testing your idea.

    Get Your Review

    Here Are The Benefits

    A review of your concept will give you a clarified idea that you want to pursue and that is worth investing time and money in. With constructive feedback and practical guidance, you can take positive steps to go to the next level in monetising your idea successfully. 

    The review template will help you better understand the processes, strategies and practical steps you took to make earn from what you love doing.

  • Reviewed ten elements of the concept that are critical for a monetisable idea.

  • Fact checked statements and claims you made about your idea.

  • Owning your idea and believing it matters.

  • Streamlined content and get rid of unnecessary information around your idea.

  • Growing confidently in your concept and using it to secure funding.

  • Tapping into my knowledge and years of experience as an idea strategist.

  • Total Value $725

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  • 3 Page Written Review + Audio Feedback

  • 30min Coaching Session

  • Free Access To Webinar, "3 Hacks To Successfully Monetise Ideas"

  • Template * Business Concept Review*

  • Template * Idea Canvas*

  • Step by Step Practical Guide * How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan*

  • Cheat Sheet *Craft Your Idea Problem Statement* 

  • Blog Pdf*Does Knowing What You Care About Help You To Monetise Your Idea?*

  • Checklist *Ten Essential Elements For Monetising Your Idea*

  • Infographic *Monetise Your Idea*

  • Yes! I Want This Review!


    If this product is not everything that I say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then I will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked within 30 days.

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    Access our Business Concept Review online service and get constructive feedback on your 10 must-have idea elements for a successful business.

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