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Life is a grind for many people.

I know that as Africans we struggle to earn the cash to pay our bills. Maybe you feel as though your dreams are shattered and your ‘career path’ is just a dirt track to nowhere… You face a million challenges every day and you persist even though it’s tough.

If you are feeling lost at the moment. If your career options are confusing. If you have a new business idea but no idea where to start.



I know how tough things can be. No matter if you live in Jo’burg, Monrovia, Accra or Nairobi, you need courage to keep dreaming and keep moving forward. The fastest way to get ahead is to invest in yourself!

There are some people who want to bring you down, but even so you have a big heart and you hold onto your dreams. You have a dream inside you, an African dream, but you need a little help to make it happen. You dare to hope that your future will be bright and the future of your kids will be even brighter.

I can help you to learn the skills you need to be competitive in the local and national business world. Opportunities come when you grow your skills and approach life with an entrepreneurial mindset!

Does that sound too good to be true? I’m not saying it will be easy, but it is possible if you want it badly enough!

Who am I to tell you what is possible? 

I am Avril Fortuin, an impact entrepreneur, trainer, and motivator. I am the  CEO of my business Avril Fortuin Consultancy. I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. I know our continent is beautiful and our people are resourceful. Yet as I have talked with thousands of people in Botswana and Liberia, in Rwanda, Ghana, and Uganda, and in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Zambia, I hear the same frustration and struggles.

People complain that things are getting harder and they don’t see an easy path ahead. People are afraid that they will never accomplish their [biz] dreams. Women find it very hard to get access to credit to start up on their own. Young people don’t get a chance to study at University, or if they do, their certificate or degree doesn’t open the way to a good job.

The reason I started my business two years ago is to help solve these problems. I can provide affordable online training so that you can learn the skills and get the confidence you need to earn a living and to move ahead with your dreams.

I want these courses to help you to tap into the wealth of Africa! I am an African business woman and my business is designed with African dreamers in mind! My purpose is to motivate you to learn the skills you need to make it in life. I want you to understand your dream and to dare to invest in yourself first.

I know that if you take action and apply the learning from our courses you can earn a living or start your business so that your African dream becomes a reality. You could even start your own business to impact Africa.

It is possible! You can always learn. Your dreams are not just in your imagination! I am sure you are familiar with the African proverb “problems are overcome by coming together”.

Together we can make a difference in your life, your community and your world!

Avril Fortuin

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