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Where it all began and how I got here, now...


I’m an experienced trainer, motivator and entrepreneur.  

I did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. But I wanted more in life, and so SHOULD YOU. 

One of eight children, living in apartheid South Africa was not easy. I had to deal with and overcome oppressive slurs from that former racist-driven regime. I needed to free myself, both inside and out, and not only find a way out but find a way up to be a successful person in my own right.

I had to believe in myself, and so must you.

I attribute my success to consistent hard work and learning new skills. When I pivoted my business to an entirely online one, I found the learning curve to be steep with my limited technology skills.

I spent a fortune on websites and designers and actually spent too much time learning about software options. But I had to persevere despite the frustrations. I am here to help you learn the skills you need to be competitive in the business world.


is an inside job

Entrepreneurship starts with you! What I learned I teach you. I teach people like you to use what is in your hand instead of taking a hand-out that teaches nothing. 

I will give you the roadmap, the way to translate your passion into income and mentor you but, and it’s is a big but. You must commit to the journey; you must take ownership.

I will teach you how to follow your dream, your African dream.

I will give you the roadmap, the way to translate your passion into income and mentor you but, and it’s is a big but. *You must commit to the journey; you must take ownership. *You must take action so that we can see and appreciate the results together.


my story

Your status in life is no excuse for negativity and lassitude. 

I am the youngest of eight children and was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. Even in my teens, I recognised the need to earn my own money and contribute to my schooling. I lived with my low-income family during the apartheid era in South Africa. There was discrimination, violent attacks and persuasion to take up arms. However, my belief that education would be my gateway out of poverty both drove and sustained me. And I knew that I, myself, would have to make that happen. I took control of my life.

Your choices are important as they set you up for either success or failure. 

I went to university and attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and a Diploma in Higher Education because I decided I had value as a person and should invest in myself. That was Nelson’s Mandela secret. He said: I never lose; I either win or learn. I also completed my Masters in Entrepreneurship, and my thesis highlighted the difficulties women face accessing finance to start a business. While studying, I started a cleaning service to pay for my tuition. Through word-of-mouth, it grew, and as a result, I graduated without accumulating any debt. Not easy, but I had a goal, and a purpose and I stayed focused.

When you invest in yourself, you also invest in others through what you are doing.

It was a given that I had an appetite for business. But there was something else, a need to help others succeed. I was drawn to the plight of African women after my first trip to Botswana. The odds were against them getting start-up capital for a business, and they lacked the skills to maintain one. I identified a simple way for them to make money, buying and selling clothing and together, we explored possible strategies. Working with these loveable and enthusiastic women struck a chord, and my obsession with entrepreneurship as the answer to change lives was born. I saw people through a lens of opportunity and creativity. And I was excited.

Write your next chapter and re-invent yourself.

Today enjoy travelling. I love nature and appreciate both the mountains and the beach. I have an appetite for cultural foods, and my favourite dishes are biryani from South Africa and Jollof rice from Guana. I have a heart for people, and a mission to them become successful entrepreneurs. But the growth and the journey never ends. There are always more chapters to write. For example, due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, I had to pivot my training/coaching business to be online. That took hours of pain, money, learning the technology and re-designing my offers. But I persevered so that I can continue to offer aspiring entrepreneurs educational courses to make dreams come true. I want to help you achieve what I have; to write your next chapter and re-invent yourself.


I shared my story, the obstacles I have overcome, and the successes I attained as inspiration so you can re-write your story and help you become a prosperous entrepreneur and impact your community.

I am not a victim of circumstances

I invested in myself

Perseverance and passion are needed to pursue goals

Get my Free Fillable Workbook, 3 Nuggets on How to Own Your Brand Story, and get your branding on with your own story. 


Avril in a nutshell...

Avril Fortuin on what she likes in a nutshell.

“A number of people in life do not come to realize or fulfil their potential because a once in a lifetime opportunity was never offered to them. Getting to know Ms. Avril Fortuin was that opportunity for me! Working with her was very fulfilling for a young man like me. Her cutting-edge training and mentorship strengthened me to advance my career opportunities! She has a wealth of experience with international institutions and training.”

- Saizai Akoi, Entrepreneur


what we do

As you may see in one of my client’s testimonies that I take coaching entrepreneurs seriously. 

I am the asset of my business!

I have walked the path, tackled and overcame obstacles, and living my dream. I decided to dedicate myself to a holistic approach to training and coaching start-up entrepreneurs by sharing my skills and experience. 

Using my own experience, I coach entrepreneurs to structure themselves to become an asset that will add value to their business.

You are the asset; your business revolves around you.


a business model that works

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Groove Affiliate 

I did not have a clear message about who I’m targeting, the real problem, and the offer, which all forms the critical branding message.

When I realised that I’m my business, my business is me; I needed a paradigm shift to monetise my idea successfully. Branding is the key to successful marketing and eventually making that first sale.

The Groove Software, an all-in-one solution, helped me go beyond my brand logo, colours, and images to get recognition and positioning. You can set the stage for how you want people to see you and your business. Get your branding on with Groove.cm.



Are you ready to overcome the fear of branding YOU?

Avril Fortuin: An Idea Strategist who helps African women and youth start-up successful businesses.

Idea Strategist I Passionate About Ideas

Hey, I'm Avril

At first, I did not like branding me...

As Africa women, we fear branding us. We do not easily push ourselves out, front and centre. But in business, this is what you have to do as you are your brand.

Branding yourself is vital. People need to know who you are and who is behind your services and products. Yes, you can influence how others see you and how you want them to see you. Branding is necessary for personal and business. 

It's because you’re the brand!


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